Kern County Concealed Weapon CCW Permit Class

Kern County, California CCW Permit Classes

One Day Initial Kern County California Concealed Weapon CCW Permit Class

This Kern County, California CCW Permit Class meets and exceeds the requirements for the 8 Hour Kern County California Initial Concealed Weapon CCW Permit class.

Qualification with your concealed handgun includes shooting 12 rounds of ammunition for each weapon listed on your permit. This class will cover California Penal Code sections 26150 to 26225, the law regarding concealed weapon licenses. We will also review permissible use of force and handgun safety. We review Federal law to keep you in compliance. You are shown states outside of California that honor your California CCW permit. Along with this we give your references that will keep your from violating the law in state that your travel to while carrying your licensed concealed weapon. We will instruct you concerning terminology, maintenance and operation of handguns and more. We go beyond the basics and teach about stoppages can that happen with your handgun. You will learn how to draw the handgun from the exposed holster, as well as from concealed holster. We will show you alternate types of concealment, varied ways to carry concealed, review different types of holsters that might fit your lifestyle. You will be exposed to a variety of off the body carries such as purses, fanny pack, briefcase and ankle holsters.

Arizona CCW qualification is included with the class.

Cost: $150.00

Private Classes are available as scheduling permits for Kern County California Concealed Weapon Permit Class. To schedule call 661-823-1368 or send an email to 

We believe that anyone who owns a firearm needs professional firearm training, to allow that person to carry and use a firearm safely and effectively. Most incidents in which a firearm is needed to defend you or a loved one will start and end in less than 5 seconds. Anyone who has not trained to quickly and efficiently bring the firearm to their defense, without hesitation, may not be able to. This could allow the assailant to cause death or serious injury to you, or your loved one.

Training begins before your basic CCW class and should continue throughout the time that you carry your Licensed Concealed Weapon.

There are many factors that the Concealed Weapon Permit Holder needs to consider.

  • Awareness (To avoid the situation)
  • Familiarization with the firearm
  • Accuracy (Target acquisition, center mass)
  • An avenue of escape (familiarization with surroundings)
  • Movement
  • Cover (To generally stop bullets)
  • Concealment (To hide your position)
  • Distance (To enhance your tactical advantage
  • Distance equals time and advantage to the trained person)
  • Defending against multiple assailants
  • Protecting the people with you
  • Injury (Resulting from a physical altercation with the assailant)
  • Training (Ongoing)
  • Tactical scenarios that are similar to actual situations which includes all of the above.
  • Carrying Concealed USA will prepare you to handle these situation and more.