How to Get Your California CCW In Kern County

How to get your California CCW in Kern County
Most states issue a CCW, LTC, or CHL. What are these three letter acronyms? CCW it short for Carrying Concealed Weapon. LTC is License to Carry. CHL is Concealed Handgun License. Each of these are permits or licenses issued by various states that allow the holder to carry a handgun concealed on their person, while conducting their day to day routine.
Why would you need a CCW, and carry a loaded handgun while you are in public? The answer to that varies as much as the person carrying the gun. We live in a society that values freedom and individuality. Each person goes about their business somewhat separate from others, yet intertwined. We are not free from the criminal element in our society. Each day on the news we hear of criminal activity against fellow citizens. Rape, Robbery, Assault, Murder, Child Abduction, Car Jacking, Kidnapping and the list goes on.
How as a honest citizen are we to feel or be safe? Everyone has some coping mechanism. We can ignore, hide, be frightened, submit or do something about the fear, by being trained to respond to an assailant. Action beats Fear.
So what type of training? Hand to hand fighting skills? Karate, Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing or Wrestling. All of these will provide the skills needed to help defend you or a love one. But what if you are smaller, older, do not have the strength, physical ability or the desire to defend yourself in hand to hand combat against a larger, younger and stronger assailant?
At this point you may have decided that you do not have the ability or want to defend yourself in hand to hand combat against an attack by a criminal. Well, this is where the CCW, LTC or CHL becomes an option.
What do I do first? Can I get a Concealed Weapon Permit? What type of gun do I need? Should I carry my husband’s extra gun that he has in the safe? I have never shot a gun. I am pretty good with a rifle or shotgun, but have never shot a handgun. All of these questions need to be answered.
First, find out if your state issues “Permits/Licenses” to carry a concealed weapon and how to apply. Here in Kern County, California, You need to contact the Kern County Sheriff’s Department. Contact the Vice / Licensing Unit for information on the application procedure.  Their phone number is: 661-391-7500 They will tell you that they will issue a Concealed Weapon Permit, if you have Good Moral Character and Good Cause for the issuance of a permit.

Let’s look at the definitions of these:
Good Moral Character
Good– Virtuous, Honorable, True, Loyal
Moral– conforming to a standard of right behavior
Character-one of the attributes or features that make up and
distinguish an individual
So being of Good Moral Character would be a honorable person, conforming to right behavior that distinguishes them as an individual.

What is Good Cause?
This is much more subjective, open for interpretation.
First let’s define the words.
Good– We have already defined this. It is Virtuous, Honorable, True, Loyal.
Cause– is a reason for an action or condition : a motive, or a sufficient reason.
So Good Cause is a Honorable or True Reason or Motive.

What is your true reason or motive for needing a California Concealed Weapon permit? Yes, I know we have the right to keep and bear arms under the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution. But, remember we live in a state that has laws pertaining to the issuance of a Concealed Weapon Permit. We have to obey the laws of our state, and our Sheriff makes the decision concerning good cause. So give him a reason or motive to issue a Concealed Weapon Permit to you.
Let’s look at reasons that might be “Good Cause”.
Do you carry large sums of cash?
Do you travel in rural areas at night?
Are you unable to physically defend yourself?
Have your been threatened?( you will need to have previously filed a police report)
Do you work in a job that deals with criminals or is in a high crime area?
Are you the sole caretaker for a person that is unable to defend their self?
Are you a senior citizen?

There are many other possible reasons for needing a CCW. Probably as many as there are people in Kern County. You need to find yours.
By now you should know what your Good Cause” is for your application.

Now you need the California application for the Kern County Sheriff Department.  Go to the Kern County Sheriff Department Website to fill out the new online application. You may use the following link:

Important Instructions

  1. Prior to Filling Out This Application
    • Be prepared to scan a copy of your valid California driver’s license, which has your current address in Kern County.
    • Be prepared to scan copies of two (2) of the following “proof of residency” documents showing your current address in Kern County (Proof of Residency (2 items): current utility bill – if you receive electronic bills, the agency provider will need to certify and stamp them, current year property tax statement, vehicle registration, phone bill – but not cell phone bills). – NOT required for Renewals.
    • Be prepared to scan copies of any additional documentation required per Kern County Sheriff’s Department CCW policy (i.e. business license, employer verification letter, etc.). Also, you will be required to submit the original copy of your CCW Permit to our office prior to your CCW permit being issued even if a scanned copy is submitted with your application.


Getting your CCW

Now you have your application and the instructions to fill it out. On the application, you will see you need to own a handgun. What type should I get? I do not know anything about a handgun. Who should I ask?
If you have not already purchased a handgun do not go out to the local gun store and ask a clerk. They are paid sales people and probably are not training the public how to shoot and use handguns on a daily basis. Ladies, don’t have your husband or boy friend pick out your handgun. You wouldn’t have him pick out your shoes or purse would you? A handgun is as individual as you are and you have the ability to learn to use it. Your choice of gun should be reliable and not overly complicated. Do not get a weapon that has lot of features that require multiple steps to bring the gun into a firing condition. It must be able to shoot 500 – 1,000 rounds in a very short period of time, without breaking or repeatedly malfunctioning. If you want a gun that has safeties and/or de-cockers, first learn to shoot a less complicated gun. You can learn the more complicated gun later. It should also fit your lifestyle. And it should be one that you are willing to train with on the range, consistently. Your gun should be “comforting.” Not totally “comfortable”. You need to shoot the gun you’re interested in buying. It should have a trigger that you can press without strain. When you train with Carrying Concealed USA, you could be pressing the trigger 300 -1,000 times during a 2, 3, or 4 day class. In our classes we will be teaching you to press the trigger with out disturbing the alignment of the sights, so you can hit the target exactly where you aimed.

You must be a United States Citizen, may not be on any type of probation, must not have any felony convictions, and must be at least 21 years of age and reside in the County of Kern.

If you have an arrest or conviction in the last five (5) years, you are generally disqualified.

Private Investigators applying for A Carrying Concealed Weapon license must provide his/her Private Investigator license and the Department of Consumer Affairs Bureau of Security and Investigative Services exposed weapons permit.

If you are requesting to carry a firearm at your place of employment, you must submit with the application, a letter from your employer. This letter must acknowledge the fact the employer knows and approves of the applicant carrying a firearm while working.

Once you have filled out and submitted your California CCW Application, you get to wait.
You will receive a letter of approval/denial in approximately 12 weeks. If you are approved, you must finish the process within 90 days. THERE ARE NO REIMBURSEMENT FEES.

Once you have received your Approval Letter, now is the time to schedule your Kern County/California 8 Hour Initial Concealed Carry Permit Class with Carrying Concealed USA. This class allows you to exceed the requirements of the State of California and Kern County Sheriff Department and gives you a great knowledge of the laws of California. Click on this link to apply for your 8 Hour Initial CCW class.

Or call 661-972-1275,  To get signed up for your Kern County 8 hour CCW Initial Permit Training.

Once you have passed your 8 hour California CCW Permit class follow the instruction given to you by the Kern County Sheriff’s Department to complete the process of obtaining your CCW. You will need your Birth Certificate, 8 hour Initial Certificate of Training from Carrying Concealed USA, along with $159.00.

After your submit the above information to the Kern County Sheriff’s department, they will send it off to the California Department of Justice. The law says that the process should be completed with in 90 days or 30 days after Kern County Sheriff’s Department receives your information back from the DOJ, which ever is later.

When the Kern county Sheriff’s Department receives your approval from the California DOJ, you will be notified to come in.

Remember, Applicants must have the gun’s serial number, brand, model and caliber in their possession in order to add it to their permit. The guns no longer needs to be brought to the Sheriff’s office. You may have up to 10 guns on your permit. All of the guns on your permit must be register with the DOJ and be owned by you or an immediate member of your family.

If you have questions or need information concerning your application or CCW training contact Carrying Concealed USA at 661-972-1275 or email

Training gives you the knowledge and with the continued application of the knowledge, you gain skill, skill is what you need to develop, to have a CCW and carry a handgun.