Utah CCW Permit Class

The Utah CCW Permit is one of the most sought after permits in the nation. Utah’s CCW  Permit will allow you to carry in 30+ states.
Utah CCW Permit is good for 5 years and the cost for a non-resident permit is $51.00.
Carrying Concealed USA is a Utah BCI Certified Utah CCW Instructor. We provide a 4 Hour class the exceeds the Minimum Training Curriculum requirements for Utah.

The benefit of having a Utah CCW permit is that it is honored in over 30 states and it can be issued to non resident of Utah. It has the advantage of allowing residents of states, like California, who state is not honored by most states to carry out side of your state of residence.

The cost of our Utah CCW class is $75.00 (If you have not taken a California CCW class from Carrying Concealed USA.

If you have taken the Carrying Concealed USA California CCW class, the cost of the Utah CCW class is $50.00.

To apply click this link to our application, fill it out and press send. http://carryingconcealedusa.com/Firearm-Training-application/