Two Day Tactical Rifle

Two DayTactical Rifle Class

How good are you with your rifle? Are you comfortable getting off the bench rest? Could you use your tactical rifle as a self defense weapon? Can you use your tactical rifle in close quarters? Are you capable with your rifle from 3 yards to 100 Yards.

If you are uncertain of any of the above criteria, this course is from you.

In the two day you will learn how to sling your rifle and how to present it from each of the slung positions. We will show you defensive shooting platforms from prone to standing and the when they are beneficial.

You will learn sighting in of your rifle, chamber checking, ready positions, loading and unloading, emergency and tactical reloading, and close quarter shooting.

You will shoot from 3 yards to 100 yards with increasing accuracy and speed. You will be shooting multiple shots, achieving thorax or cranial cavity hits. Your marksmanship will improve significantly over the 2 days.

You will improve your trigger press and be able to call your shots. When you fire your rifle, you will tell the student your working with, where your shot hit without having to look at your target.

This class will take the beginner or experienced shooter and improve their use of the tactical rifle as a defensive weapon to higher achievement levels. You will leave this class more comfortable  and confident with your rifle than you have ever been.

We will finish the class with a skills evaluation on the afternoon of Day 2. This evaluation will give you a base line on your rifle skills and will allow you to concentrate your efforts to improvement your skill with your rifle.

The class will require the following:

Rifle w/Sling

Eye and Ear Protection

Knee and Elbow Pads (optional)

Minimum Caliber .223 (No Pistol Caliber or .22 Rimfire)

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