Handgun and Street Tactics

2 Day Handgun and Street Tactics

This class is for the beginner or an experienced shooter. The class will improve your skill and teach you new skills. We will be teaching skills that can help you be safer and much more confident carrying your handgun on the street or coming down you hall way in the middle of the night. This class will deal with the use of your handgun as a defensive weapon. We will teach you how to present your gun from the holster, sight alignment sight picture and pressing the trigger. What to do after you have shot.  Clearing malfunctions of your weapon. Loading and reloading. What to do if your initial rounds do not stop your adversary.  Presenting  your handgun from concealment, as it would be carried on the street. And of course, lots of shooting.

On the next day of the 2 Day Handgun and Street Tactics class, we will talk about how to avoid the confrontation. But if you can’t, how to take advantage of moving and use cover and concealment to you help you win. Clearing corners and hallways. How to shoot and move and hit your adversary.
What to do if you have a family member with you, when the unavoidable confrontation happens.
We will cover all these topics and more to help you improve and gain confidence and safety in handling your handgun.


The 2 Day Handgun and Street Tactics class will require 200 Rounds of ammunition for your handgun, a holster that covers the trigger and trigger guard. Either a minimum of 2 magazines and pouches for a semi automatic handgun or 2 speed loaders or moon clips,  with pouches, for a revolver.

You will also need hearing and eye protection and a baseball style hat  and a garment that will cover your holstered handgun. It should be appropriate for the weather.

Water, chairs and shade will be provided along with great training.


The 2 Day Handgun and Street Tactics class will start at 08:00 and end at 4:00 pm each day with a break for lunch.
Cost of the class is $175.00 for two days of training.

Sign up by clicking here:  http://carryingconcealedusa.com/firearm-training-application/

Here is what our students have to say:

Excellent class and instruction in every way. I left the class with a newly found feeling of confidence in my ability to handle and fire the weapon under conditions that may be encountered while defending myself and my loved ones. 

Barry Y.

Professional instruction in a safe controlled environment. Adequate equipment.
Manageable class size. Understandable subject discussion, demonstration and application. Class flow was well planned and executed.

Gary M.