Handgun Skills and Speed Class

Once you have started the journey and have taken the 2 Day Handgun and Street Tactic class. You know how to properly handle a handgun, but need additional guidance to perfect your skill and be quicker. The Handgun Skill and Speed class will be the vehicle to help you attain the skill and quickness to protect you and your love ones, in the event you are forced to use your handgun for defense.

Since the average gunfight will start and end with in 5 seconds, you will need recognize the threat, clear your garment, access your handgun and present it, delivering shots to the assailant in that amount of time. We will work with you and refine your technique to help you gain that skill and speed. On the range we also will be putting you under pressure of a timer. This will give you feedback as you progress in gaining the speed and skill. You will work on improving your marksmanship, loading and reloading,  response to a failure to stop, malfunctions and many others.

Once you have learned all the techniques, we will work with you to improve your skill until you also gain quickness. As you perfect your performance, you will be put under time stress. The times will continue to be reduced as you continue to improve.

The 2nd day of the class will end with a skill evaluation. This skill evaluation will be your bench mark from which to judge your improvement from that day on. Each time you take this Handgun Skill and Speed class, you will see your skill improve and the time you need to perform decrease.

To apply for this class you need to have taken the 2 Day Handgun and Street Tactics class or Handgun Skill and Speed Class within the last year.

Water, chairs and shade will be provided along with great training.

This class will be held in Bakersfield, Kern County, California.

You will need 450 Rounds of ammunition.

The cost of this 2 Day class is $175.00.

To apply go to:  http://carryingconcealedusa.com/firearm-training-application/