4 Hour Kern County CCW Renewal

Four Hour Kern County California Concealed Weapon CCW Permit Renewal Class

This Kern County, California CCW Permit Renewal Class meets and exceeds the requirements for the Kern County 4 Hour Renewal CCW class.

This class will cover California Penal Code sections 26150 to 26225, the law regarding concealed weapon licenses. We will also review permissible use of force and handgun safety. We review Federal law to keep you in compliance.

Arizona CCW application is included with the class.

Cost $75.00

To apply,for the Kern County CCW renewal class, complete the application on the application page and press submit.

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Private Classes are available for Kern County California Concealed Weapon Permit Class. To schedule call 661-972-1275 or send an email to ross@carryingconcealedusa.com.