Welcome to Professional Firearm Training

Carrying Concealed USA believes that anyone who owns a firearm needs professional firearm training, to allow that person to carry and use a firearm safely and effectively. Most incidents in which a firearm is needed to defend you or a loved one will start and end in less than 5 seconds. Anyone who has not trained to quickly and efficiently bring the firearm to their defense, without hesitation, may not be able to. This could allow the assailant to cause death or serious injury to you, or your loved one.

Training begins before your basic CCW class and should continue throughout the time that you carry your Licensed Concealed Weapon.

There are many factors that the Concealed Weapon Permit Holder needs to consider.

  • Awareness (To avoid the situation)
  • Familiarization with the firearm
  • Accuracy (Target acquisition, center mass)
  • An avenue of escape (familiarization with surroundings)
  • Movement
  • Cover (To generally stop bullets)
  • Concealment (To hides your position)
  • Distance (To enhance your tactical advantage
  • Distance equals time and advantage to the trained person)
  • Defending against multiple assailants
  • Protecting the people with you
  • Injury (Resulting from a physical altercation with the assailant)
  • Training (Ongoing)
  • Tactical scenarios that are similar to actual situations which includes all of the above.
  • Carrying Concealed USA will prepare you to handle these situation and more.